The Zambian explore and Trade Investment

The Zambian explore and Trade Investment

Type: Trade mission

Date: 11-04-2018

Location: Lusaka / Zambia

The Zambian explore and Trade Investment


Capital: Lusaka, Economic Growth: 3.8, Population: 15.72 Million Unemployement Rate: 13,03%,

Spoken Language: English (Official Language), Country Size: 752.618



Your Invitation 



Dear SANEC members and associates,


In collaboration with the Zambian Embassy in Brussels, the Zambian Ministry of Commerce and the Zambian Development Agency. SANEC EMEA, organizes an outgoing trade mission to Lusaka, Zambia. This mission will take place from 11  to 14 of April 2018.



This multi-sector trade mission, will focus on exploring the following key sectors:


·         Agriculture & Aquaculture

·         Tourism

·         Infrastructure

·         Woman in Business


NOTE: organizations operative in other sectors can as well take part in this mission. In addition, a suitable program will be provided.



Why should your organization be a part of this trade mission:

1) Zambia is the world’s eighth largest producer of copper and holds six percent of the world’s known copper reserves


2) Zambia is endowed with a large arable land resource base of 42 million hectares of which only 1.5 million hectares is cultivated every year


3) Despite the vast arable land, plenty of water and sector employees only 10 % of the arable land is under cultivation.


4) Zambia has a gazette road network of approximately 37,000 km of which 6,476 km are bituminous and surfaced to class 1 standard.


5) With its vast water resources and coal reserves, Zambia offers abundant investment opportunities for hydro and thermal electricity power generation, supply and distribution.



During this mission, participants will have the opportunity to meet relevant ministries and officials active in the designated sectors. In addition, organizations active in the “Tourism Sector” will receive a tailor-made program enabling them to visit and experience, Zambia’s exclusive main tourist attractions. This visits will be organized by the Ministry of tourism.


Zambia is a multi-party democracy and provides a free market liberalized economic environment in a stable strife-free and multicultural society. The Zambian Government welcomes investors across sectors and the laws relating to investment provide investment incentives and protection to increase investment and international trade, as well as increased domestic economic growth.


On the behalf of all involved official parties SANEC EMEA, cordially invites you to take part in this exclusive and bilateral beneficial trade mission. For inquiries, please contact Alice Cannoo-Tomas at



In order to make sure that this mission focus on the needs and wishes of SANEC's members and associates, please download the the intake form here. 



Your Invitation




Kind regards SANEC Projects
Mr Mark Agterdenbosch
General Manager SANEC emea

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